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What You Can Have a Loved One Wear During Cremation Services

When families plan burial services for their loved ones, they usually pick out fancy suits and dresses for them to wear in their caskets. They don’t have too many questions about what they should have their loved ones wear. But the same can’t always be said for those families planning cremation services in Rocklin, CA. They’re sometimes confused about what they should have a loved one wear when they’re being cremated. Here are several of the options that you’ll have when choosing an outfit for your loved one to wear during their upcoming cremation.

A suit or dress

Just because you’re going to be cremating a loved one doesn’t mean that you can’t still put them into a fancy outfit right before their Rocklin, CA cremation is set to begin. You can have them wear a suit or a dress just like they would if they were being buried. If you’re going to stage a viewing for your loved one, you’re probably going to put them into a suit or dress anyway. So why not just keep them in this same attire for their cremation? As long as you don’t mind parting ways with the suit or dress, it’ll be the perfect thing for them to wear.

A basic gown

Would you rather not have to worry about your loved one’s clothes being cremated along with them during their cremation? If they died in the hospital and were wearing a basic gown at the time, you can go ahead and keep them in it if you would like. This will make life a little easier on the funeral home that you’re using, and it’ll allow them to hold a cremation for your loved one a little sooner if you would like. It makes this a good option for any family that doesn’t want to have to pick out anything fancy for their loved one to wear while they’re being cremated.

An outfit that they loved

If there was a specific outfit that your loved one wanted to wear all the time, you might want to hang onto that outfit as you move forward. But you might also want to give your loved one a chance to enjoy this outfit for the final time by having them cremated in it. This might just be the very best way for your family to pay tribute to them. Even if the outfit that you cremate your loved one in is on the simpler side, it’ll hold some significance to you and prove to be sentimental in the end.


Want to have your loved one leave this world in pretty much the same exact way that they were welcomed into it? You’ll also usually have the option to cremate them while they’re not wearing any clothes at all. Not all funeral homes feel comfortable taking this approach to cremating a person’s body. But many of them will cremation service in Rocklin CA 300x150do it if a family requests it. You should talk to your funeral home to see whether or not they’re down with the idea of cremating your loved one without any clothes on if your family is interested in doing it.

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