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How Long Does a Cremation Take? 4 Factors That Help Determine It

Are you wondering how long that it’s going to take for a loved one’s cremation services in Lincoln, CA to play out? This is a very valid concern for people to have in the days leading up to a loved one’s cremation. But the truth is that there isn’t just one answer to this question since there are several factors that are ultimately going to help to determine how long a person’s cremation takes. Discover more about these factors below and keep them in mind during your loved one’s upcoming cremation services.

The size of a person

One of the biggest factors when it comes to how long a Lincoln, CA cremation takes is the size of the person who is being cremated. If someone is very small and petite, it’s obviously going to be easier for a crematory to cremate them quickly than it would be to cremate someone who is very tall and on the heavier side. You should begin by taking your loved one’s size into account when you’re trying to figure out how long it’ll take to cremate them.

The temperature inside of a cremation chamber

While cremating a person’s body, a crematory will usually set the temperature inside of a cremation chamber to be anywhere from 1,400 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. As you might imagine, this can play a huge part in how fast a person is cremated. If the temperature in a cremation chamber falls on the lower end of that spectrum, it’ll take longer to cremate a person than it would if the temperature were to fall on the higher end of the spectrum. It all depends on which temperature a crematory decides to use.

The time of the day when a cremation is performed

You might not think that the time of the day would have a whole lot to do with how quickly a cremation plays out. But it can have an impact on it in many cases. If a person’s body is cremated first thing in the morning, a cremation chamber will usually still be getting warmed up. This could very well lead to a person’s cremation taking a little bit longer than it would in the afternoon when a cremation chamber is as warm as it’s going to get throughout the day.

The specific cremation process that a crematory uses

Most crematories have similar cremation processes that they’ve put into place. They use these processes to keep cremations consistent and to keep them moving along. But it’s worth noting that some crematories have cremation processes that take a little longer than others. And this could affect the amount of time that a cremation takes. Youcremation service in Lincoln CA 300x150 should always ask a crematory to break down their specific cremation process for you prior to allowing them to put a loved one through it. It’ll give you a good idea of how long this process is going to take in total.

Now that you know about the different factors that could influence how long Lincoln, CA cremations take, you can start to plan cremation services for your loved one. Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel can help you work your way through the planning process. Contact us to get things started.

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