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The Urn Store

The selection of an urn for your loved one’s cremated remains is very personal. It can also be a very emotional task.  You’ll want to think about how it reflects their personality, and also what your plans are for placing the remains. Many families choose to personalize the urn for their loved one.

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Discover our great selection of decorative urns from our retail partner, The Urn Store. Their many styles and prices of cremation urns are designed to suit your budget and preferences. We suggest that before you submit your order, you decide whether the cremated remains will be kept in your home, placed at a cemetery, or scattered by air or sea. If you are placing the urn in a niche, be sure to check with the cemetery about size restrictions before making your selection.

You may also wish to purchase keepsakes for members of your family. In addition to full size urns and keepsakes, The Urn Store also offers a wide selection of urn jewelry and memorial items. The Urn Store is independently operated by our retail partner and is a consumer service that allows you to make your purchase directly. After completing your purchase, it will be shipped to your home.

If we have provided cremation services for your loved one, and you purchase an urn from The Urn Store, we will  transfer the cremated remains from the temporary urn into the urn you have purchased at no cost. Please schedule an appointment with us for this purpose, and we will make the transfer for you while you wait.



*Disclaimer: The urns displayed online by The Urn Store are provided and sold by UPD Urns. Heritage Oaks has no responsibility nor liability for these urns and makes no representations or warranties regarding them, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  Any problems, issues or refund requests on the sale of an urn offered by The Urn Store and/or UPD Urns must be presented directly to UPD Urns, 2926 Congressman Lane, Dallas, TX 74220, 800-590-4133, email@updurns.com.




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