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Why You Should Invest in a Scattering Tube for Cremation Services

Is your family thinking about scattering a loved one’s cremated remains once you’re all done carrying out their cremation services in Roseville, CA? If you are, you might want to invest in something called a scattering tube. A scattering tube is, as its name would suggest, a tube that can be used to hold your loved one’s remains until it’s time to scatter them. You should be able to pick one up right through the funeral home that’s helping your map out your loved one’s cremation. Check out why you should purchase a scattering tube for a loved one’s cremation services below.

Scattering tubes are available in a wide range of colors and designs.

When you go to buy scattering tubes for a loved one’s Roseville, CA cremation, you’ll be blown away by all the different options that you have. You can go with everything from a basic scattering tube that is just one color to a more ornate scattering tube that features a beautiful design on the outside of it. You can even customize most scattering tubes by having them engraved. It’ll give your family an opportunity to create a unique scattering tube for your loved one’s remains.

They can be used to keep your loved one’s cremated remains safe before you scatter them.

Most families don’t run right out and scatter a loved one’s remains right after their cremation is complete. They’ll often wait weeks and sometimes even months to scatter their loved one’s remains. If you’re planning on doing this, it’s going to be important for you to do whatever it takes to keep your loved one’s remains safe and sound in the meantime. Buying a scattering tube to house their remains will protect them and make sure that nothing happens to them in between the time when you receive them and the time when you scatter them.

They can also be taken home and displayed once you’re done scattering a loved one’s remains.

After you and your family have scattered a loved one’s remains, you might feel as though you’ve lost your connection with your loved one. But a scattering tube will help you to keep that connection strong for many years to come. You can bring a scattering tube back home with you once you’re done scattering a loved one’s remains and put it out on display. It’ll allow you to keep on feeling the presence of your loved one.

They’re the most cost-effective way for dealing with a loved one’s remains.

If you would prefer to keep your loved one’s remains in an urn prior to their ash scattering ceremony, you’re welcome to do it. But an urn is typically going to cost you a little bit more than a scattering tube will. A cremation services in Roseville CA 300x150scattering tube is a very cost-effective method for dealing with cremated remains. If you’re on a tight budget and want to limit your spending on a loved one’s cremation services, buying a scattering tube for their remains might be your best option.

Does your family want to invest in a scattering tube for a loved one’s remains? Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel can supply you with one. We also carry a bunch of other products that are perfect for those families planning Roseville, CA cremations. Give us a call to get your hands on these products.

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