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Memorial Service or Celebration of Life


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Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cremation Services

Beautiful, modern and casually elegant are words that describe our facility! Conveniently located in Rocklin just off Hwy 65 at Stanford Ranch Road, we offer the perfect place for a memorial service or celebration of life, funeral, or other type of special event.

We work with local restaurants to provide a catered meal for your guests.

We offer a state-of-the-art audio and visual system.

Beautiful paintings by local artists displayed throughout our building add to the ambiance of our facility.

If your loved one served in the U.S. military and was honorably discharged, we can arrange to have military honors during the service.

Memorial Service or Celebration of Life

It is a privilege for us to assist you with creating a beautiful time of remembrance for your loved one.

Use of Facilities & Staff

Includes use of Chapel and staff assistance, audio-visual system for pre-recorded background music & video, use of speaker podium and microphone.

Three hours for a service during regular weekday business hours $475.00
Three hours for a reception $475.00
Additional charge for evening or weekend use $200.00
Banquet table rental and setup, each $22.50
Facility clean up charge when food is part of the service $200.00
Staff Coordinator who will work with you to ensure that all your needs are taken care of $200.00



Eternal Tribute Website with Optional Tribute Video $150.00
Tribute Video only (60-80 pictures, 3 songs), DVD included $100.00
Additional copy of Tribute Video DVD, each $25.00
Memorial Box Set
Includes guest register book, 100 service folders, 50 acknowledgment cards, and personalization
Guest Register Book, includes personalization $95.00
Memorial Service Folders, minimum 100, includes personalization (additional folders $0.75 each) $75.00
Acknowledgement cards, quantity 25 $40.00
Prayer Cards, minimum 48, includes personalization (additional prayer cards 8 for $3.20) $44.00
Custom Portrait Canvas Art Keepsake, 13”x19” $99.00
Custom Portrait Canvas Art Keepsake, 8”x10” $59.00


Special Arrangements & Service Fees

  • Officiant, minister or master of ceremonies honorarium when arranged by Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel $ 250.00
  • When banquet tables are used for a reception, the tables will be set up prior to the service.
  • When food is part of the service or reception, an attendant provided by the caterer or family must be present at all times to manage the food service area from setup to cleanup.
  • Caterer referrals are available upon request. Food, beverages and table service are the expense of the family.
  • Live streaming or professional recording of the service is at the expense of the family. Referral available.
  • Arrangements for military honors can be made within the guidelines of the Veteran’s Affairs.
  • Credit card convenience fee. Applies to all credit cards used for payment. 4% of total amount.

Prices effective 10/10/2020. Prices may change without notice.

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Consumer Guide to Funeral Cemetery Purchases e1531618617980

Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cremation Services

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For more information on funeral, cemetery and cremation matters, contact the Department of Consumer Affairs, Cemetery & Funeral Bureau, 1625 North Market Blvd, Ste S-208, Sacramento CA 95834, or call (916) 574-7870.