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Items Your Family Can Place in a Loved One’s Cremation Container

Do you want to pay tribute to a loved one all the way up until the very end? Then you and your family might want to consider placing some items into a loved one’s cremation container right before their cremation services in Lincoln, CA begin. These items and the container that you put them in will be cremated along with your loved one. But it’ll be a great way to send your loved one off through the use of cremation. Take a look at some of the different items that you’re welcome to stick into a loved one’s cremation container in most cases.


Prior to the start of a loved one’s Lincoln, CA cremation, you should think about some things that you might want to say to them. You should then put those things into a letter that you can place into their cremation container. Your other family members might want to write letters, too, and place them on top of yours. This is an excellent way to get some things off your chest when it comes to your loved one. You’ll feel better in an instant once your letter is signed, sealed, and delivered.


If you don’t have time to write long letters to your loved one, greeting cards might do the trick as well. You and your family can all go and pick out a different greeting card that you would like to give to your loved one at this time. Some of these cards might be funny, while others might be on the more serious side. But regardless of which cards that you choose, you and your family members will all be able to convert different sentiments to your loved one. It’ll be a beautiful scene when you start dropping your cards into their cremation container.


You and your family probably aren’t going to want to part ways with any original family photographs. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make copies of a few of them and put them into your loved one’s cremation container. You should try to find a few photos that show pretty much your entire family. It’ll surround your loved one’s body with family in their final moments and give you all a greater sense of peace as their cremation starts.

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Stuffed animals

Are there going to be any children putting items into a loved one’s cremation container? You might want to make them feel more comfortable with the process by giving out stuffed animals to them. These stuffed animals can ease the kids’ troubled minds and allow them to provide your loved one with something to “protect” them. Stuffed animals are great choices for any families with kids on the younger side who are going to be participating in cremation services to some degree.

Are you wondering what else you might be able to put in a loved one’s cremation container? Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel can tell you all about it. We can also assist you in planning out your loved one’s Lincoln, CA funeral services from start to finish. Give us a call for all your funeral needs.

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