We are continuing to serve families during the COVID-19 crisis. Read More
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COVID-19 Update

Your personal health and safety is our first concern.
You can trust Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel to do everything we can to help.  During the current COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing a loss is even more difficult. As an essential business resource, we are the funeral home you can count on to care for your loved one.

In response to recommendations by Federal, State and local health officials for “Physical Distancing and face coverings,” we have initiated the following protocols as we seek to provide the best possible care for families. We will continue to provide burial and cremation services during this crisis.

~  ID Viewings – Yes, we can do this.
We can accommodate short viewings of up to 45 minutes for up to 10 immediate family members. A set timeframe will be scheduled.  The casket will be set up in the front of our chapel.
If your loved one is to be cremated, the cremation container will be draped with our special viewing quilt to provide a more dignified presentation. You’ll find the fee for this service on our General Price List.  Face coverings are encouraged.

~ Viewings up to 3 Hours – Yes, we can do this.
We can accommodate viewings up to 3 hours. However, the number of guests allowed in the building will be limited to 75 people at a time. If more than 75 people wish to come and pay their respects, we ask that they rotate, i.e., as new guests arrive, some will then leave. The Tribute Video (if purchased) will be shown. A register book (if purchased) can be prepared for guests to sign as they enter. We can also prepare a beautiful canvas art portrait of your loved one (if purchased). Additionally, if you wish to include an officiant, priest or minister, they will be in addition to your 75 guests. Face coverings are encouraged.

~  Funeral, Memorial and Celebration of Life Services – Yes, we can do this.
Even with the size restriction on gatherings, we can still hold a funeral or memorial service for your loved one. However, we do need to adhere to the social distancing restrictions and limit attendance to up to 75 people. Face coverings are encouraged. Your service can be conducted as usual with a minister or officiant, reading of the eulogy, sharing memories, music, and a Tribute Video that will be viewed during the service and then posted on your loved one’s Eternal Tribute Website.

If you you have not yet visited our chapel, call us at 916-791-2273 to schedule a tour.  In the meantime, view information about services on our website.  We are ready to help you honor your loved one. 

~ Do we offer livestreaming?  If you’re interested in live streaming services, we recommend Cambridge Sound

~ Is your chapel available for services at this time? Yes, our chapel is available for services and receptions. 
If you you have not yet visited our chapel, call us at 916-791-2273 to schedule a tour.  In the meantime, view information about services on our website. 
We are ready to help you honor your loved one. 

~ Are you facing an imminent loss? We’re here for you.
When a loss is imminent or has already occurred, please call us at (916) 791-2273.  We are here for you and will walk with you each step of the way.

~ Can arrangements be handled remotely? Yes, we can do this.
Most arrangements can be handled by phone, email, and through our FamilyLink on-line system. We are always available to speak with you over the phone to ensure that your concerns are addressed. 

~ What’s the first step in the arrangement process?
You can begin the process online by requesting a FamilyLink. When we receive your request, we will send you a link. You’ll then be able to provide us with information about your loved one and the type of arrangements you are seeking to make. Request a FamilyLink
We will email forms to you to sign and return to us. 

~ Can we meet with you? Yes, we will meet with you.
If you would prefer, we will schedule an appointment to meet with you at our location. Of course, we will take every precaution to consider the health of everyone involved. We ask that the number of individuals who meet with our Funeral Director be limited to 3.

Our protocols will change as we receive updates from local, State and Federal health officials. We will keep you updated here and on our Facebook page.

06 Patriot Guard Inside 150x150

Honoring Veterans at Heritage Oaks Menorial Chapel

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery COVID19 Update

Until further notice, the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery will do direct burial or placement of cremated remains in a niche. We will transport your beloved veteran to the cemetery for burial or placement. Services for up to 10 guests are currently being schedule. Those in attendance are required to wear a face covering. 

We will assist you with arrangements for a memorial service at the cemetery when the restriction on gatherings is lifted. Our chapel will also be available for your use. Presentation of the flag and military honors can be arranged.

Thank you for your continued trust and understanding.


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