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5 Important Items Families Should Bring to Funeral Homes


If you and your family are currently preparing to make your way down to one of the funeral homes in Roseville, CA to plan out a loved one’s services, there are some things you should bring along. If you don’t have them, it could take a little bit more time to plan your loved one’s services from start to finish. Take a look at 5 important items you’re going to need to have to get your loved one’s services planned out sooner than you would be able to otherwise.

1. Birth certificate, Social Security card, and other documents

Some of the first things you should grab when you’re heading out to make Roseville, CA funeral arrangements for a loved one are all the important documents you’ll need to get started. This should obviously include their birth certificate and Social Security card. But you might also want to bring along any military discharge papers that they have as well as any documentation proving that they have paid for a cemetery plot. It’s always better to have more documents than you might need.

2. Photographs

You’re likely going to want to run a photograph of your loved one along with their obituary. You’ll also want to have a photograph on hand at their funeral services in a lot of cases. It’s why you should pick out a few nice photos of your loved one that you can use for these purposes. You should try to provide a funeral home with several good options if you can.

3. Clothing

What are you going to bury or cremate your loved one in? Ideally, you should try to ask yourself this question prior to heading down to a funeral home so that you can pick out an outfit for them to wear. The outfit should hold some kind of special significance to your loved one. It should include clothing as well as undergarments, shoes, jewelry, and anything else you want them to wear.

4. Insurance policy

If your loved one happened to have an insurance policy in place that is going to help pay for some or even all of your loved one’s funeral services, it’s good to have a copy of that policy in your hand when you walk into a funeral home. It’ll help them begin doing the necessary paperwork to ensure that your loved one’s insurance company covers the costs that they’re supposed to.

5. Funeral pre-planning paperworkcremation service in Rocklin CA 300x212

Did your loved one take the time to do any funeral pre-planning? If they did, one of the final things you’ll want to grab prior to leaving the house to head to a funeral home is their pre-planning paperwork. While a funeral home should also have this paperwork, it never hurts to bring it along. It’ll guarantee that your loved one’s final wishes are granted.

Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel can tell you more about the things you’ll need to plan a loved one’s Roseville, CA funeral services through us. Reach out to us today to see what you should prepare to bring to our funeral home when making funeral arrangements for a family member.

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