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Service Options: Funeral and Cremation Planning in Rocklin, CA

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In 2008, Ron Harder, Chris Harder, and Jim Beeding established Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, responding to the increasing expenses associated with funeral and cremation services. Having operated for over 15 years, we are a full-service, independently-owned funeral home in Rocklin, CA. Our mission is to deliver outstanding service to families during their moments of loss, offering healing and grief support and cultivating an environment of peace and serenity.

Making final arrangements for your loved one is difficult. Let us help you! We take pride in offering affordable funeral services for families in the Rocklin area. To maintain the highest quality of service, we want to ensure this process is as easy for you as possible. Call us for an appointment at (916) 791-2273.

Coordinating funeral services doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. As you are considering options for yourself or a loved one, the best thing you can do is choose an experienced funeral and cremation provider in Rocklin, CA. It doesn’t matter if you need immediate services or you are preparing for the future, our team at Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel is here to assist with anything that you need.

We respect the unique traditions and practices that every family brings. Funeral planning should be as personalized as the individual we are honoring. So, our caring staff takes the time to learn about your customs and desires for the event. Then we coordinate the specific details that are required to give you an optimal experience.

While funeral planning is important for the deceased, the real purpose of this gathering is to give friends and family an opportunity to say goodbye. Grief counselors have found that a dedicated event can be an important step in working through the healing process after a loss. It doesn’t mean that you need to plan a traditional funeral – instead, consider the type of event that will best suit the needs of your attendees.

Your Options: Funeral and Cremation in Rocklin, CA

What are your options for funeral services? Sometimes families are left with last-minute planning because a loved one passes without any plans in place. In other situations, people are proactive about funeral planning in advance, leaving behind detailed requests for this event.

Whether you are preparing services for a loved one or considering your options for preplanning, our team at Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel offers the guidance and information you need. The benefit of working with our staff is that we honor your wishes and work hard to personalize each funeral service. Here is an overview of some of the common types of funeral services families can choose:

  • Traditional: When families want a full, traditional event, it often starts with a viewing followed by a formal service in a funeral home or local church. Next, the family follows the procession to the cemetery for a short graveside service. It’s common to have a luncheon or reception after these services are complete.
  • Memorial: Planning a memorial is similar to the details that are coordinated for a funeral. The main difference is that memorials don’t include the casket at the event. You can choose the location and specific details including a program, music, and more.
  • Life Celebration: Do you dislike the idea of holding a formal, somber event? If you want something that is a little more light-hearted, then consider planning a life celebration instead. This gathering is a way to enjoy time with family in a manner that honors the personality of the deceased. For example, you might have fun music, the person’s favorite food, and activities that the person loved.
  • Cremation: All of the events above can be paired with cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. If you want to reduce the body to ashes instead of placing it in the ground within a casket, then cremation might be an option to consider.
  • Direct Cremation: Another possibility is to keep things simple with direct cremation. This standalone service is completed without the coordination of an event. It is an affordable option or families who prefer a DIY approach for honoring the memories of their loved one. For example, after the cremation is complete, sometimes families will hold a small gathering at home or in a special location when the ashes are scattered.

The most important thing you need to remember is that there isn’t a wrong way to coordinate funeral services. You will look back on this time for many years, which is why you should be proactive in creating an event that honors your loved one and incorporates your family culture and traditions.

Getting Started with Plans for the Future

You never know what the future has in store, which is why it is smart to get started with funeral and cremation planning in Rocklin, CA as soon as possible. Our team at Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel is ready to assist with immediate services when required. At the same time, we also offer support for families who desire preplanning care as well.

The timing for funeral planning depends on your unique needs and preferences. The most important thing that you need to know is that it’s never too early to get started. Some people choose to finalize funeral preplanning while they are in good health. This approach offers peace of mind in knowing that everything is ready for the unforeseen event in the future.

When you are ready to plan funeral and cremation in Rocklin, CA, then our team is just a phone call away. Contact Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel by visiting our location at 6920 Destiny Dr Rocklin, CA 95677. Call ahead to schedule a consultation with an experienced funeral director: (916)791-2273.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we set arrangements with Heritage Oaks?

Your first step is to provide us with some basic information. Be sure to click SUBMIT when you have entered all the requested information. When we receive your submission, we will send you an email message with a link so you can provide us with more complete data needed to continue the arrangement process. Fill up information here.

What shall I expect during an arrangement meeting?

One of our friendly staff members or your Funeral Director will meet you and escort you to our arrangement room. You will be offered a beverage (coffee, tea or water) from our beverage area. Get to know the other details here.

What are your burial package rates?

Here are our rates for burial packages: Traditional Funeral Service – $4,695; Traditional Funeral Service with Additional Evening Service – $4,895; Memorial or Celebration of Life Service with Burial – $3,995. Read here for the complete package price list.

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