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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Services

Because the cremation rate has skyrocketed in recent years, most people know a whole lot more about cremation services in Rocklin, CA than they used to. They don’t have as many questions about cremation as they once did thanks to the popularity of it. But there are still some questions about cremation that pop up from time to time when people are learning more about it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cremation services and the answers to them.


Does cremation involve the use of fire?

For a long time, many people were under the impression that a Rocklin, CA cremation involved taking a person’s body and placing it into a fire. But this is not how cremations are actually carried out! Instead, cremations involve the use of heat and not fire. Typically, a cremation chamber is heated up to somewhere between 1,400 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit when a cremation takes place. And it’s the heat that is used to break a person’s body down to cremated remains.


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Can a family hold a funeral for someone who is being cremated?

There are some families who worry about not being able to hold a funeral for a loved one who is going to be cremated. But if your family would like to do it, you’re more than welcome to—and actually encouraged to—hold a funeral for a loved one. You’re also welcome to hold a memorial service, a celebration of life ceremony, or almost any other kind of service that you can think of for your loved one. Just because a person is being cremated doesn’t mean that you can’t still pay tribute to them with a funeral.


What can a family do with a person’s remains following their cremation?

In the immediate aftermath of a cremation, a family will receive their loved one’s cremated remains from a funeral home. They’ll then have the option to do any number of things with these remains. They can take them home if they want and put them out on display in an urn. They can scatter them in a place that was special to their loved one. They can even bury them in a cemetery if they want to keep them safe and sound. It’s really all up to each individual family as far as what their preference is.


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Do all religions allow cremation?

Back in the day, a lot of religions were steadfastly against allowing cremation. They didn’t permit people to choose cremation services as a viable option. But nowadays, almost all religions have come around to allowing cremation. There are still a few holdouts. But for the most part, religions now accept cremation and permit people to go with cremation services if they would like.

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