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4 Places You Can Scatter Remains Following Cremation Services

Scattering a person’s remains following their cremation services in Roseville, CA has turned into a very popular option for many families. Families like the idea of taking their loved ones’ remains out to a special place and holding a scattering ceremony for them there. If you and your family are going to take this approach to dealing with your loved one’s remains, you might already have a special place in mind. But if you don’t, you should know about some of your possible options. Take a look at 4 great places where you can scatter a loved one’s remains below.


At sea

Did your loved one absolutely love everything about the water throughout their time on this earth? Maybe they enjoyed fishing on the water, or maybe they enjoyed swimming in it. Whatever the case may be, you should think about scattering their remains in water so that they can spend the rest of eternity in it. You’re not legally allowed to scatter a person’s remains on a beach or even right off the coast of one. But you can take a loved one’s remains out at sea and scatter them there. You just need to be sure you follow the scattering regulations that have been set up by the U.S. Coast Guard.


In a park

Was your loved one a person who enjoyed spending time out in nature? Then you might also want to kick around the idea of scattering their remains in a park in the immediate aftermath of their Roseville, CA cremation. You can see about the possibility of scattering their remains in a specific park that they loved. Or you can consider trying to scatter their remains in one of the many national parks scattered across the country. Believe it or not, most national parks will allow you to scatter a loved one’s remains as long as you follow certain guidelines while doing it.


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On a mountaintop

There is something about climbing up a mountain and spending time at the top of it that is just so majestic. It’s pretty much as close as you can get to experiencing heaven on earth. With this in mind, you might want to contemplate scattering a loved one’s remains high up on a mountaintop. If there is a mountain located in your general area, it could prove to be the perfect place to scatter a loved one’s remains. It’ll certainly make for a beautiful scattering ceremony.

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From a hot-air balloon

There are some pretty wild things that you can do with a loved one’s remains while scattering them in this day and age. One of the things that you can do with them is take them up in a hot-air balloon and scatter them there. There are companies that will help make this possible for you. You should see if any of them operate in your area if you think this option might be something that interests you.


Before you start trying to decide where to scatter a loved one’s remains, you should hold a proper funeral service for them at a Roseville, CA funeral home. Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel can lend a helping hand with all your cremation needs. Contact us to find out more about the cremation services we have to offer.

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