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What You Need to Know About Scattering Gardens

Is your family unsure of where you should scatter a loved one’s cremated remains following their cremation services in Rocklin, CA? You’ll have more than a few options to choose from. You can scatter a loved one’s remains out at sea. You can also scatter them in a national park. But one of your best options might be to scatter them in a scattering garden. Find out more about scattering gardens below so that you can decide if you would like to use one.


What exactly is a scattering garden?

A scattering garden is a special kind of garden located inside a cemetery that can be used for scattering a person’s remains after their Rocklin, CA cremation services. More and more cemeteries have started to incorporate scattering gardens into the mix since so many people are being cremated these days. You should be able to locate at least a few cemeteries that have scattering gardens within your general area.


What are the advantages of using a scattering garden?

There are many benefits that you’ll enjoy when you decide to scatter a loved one’s remains in a scattering garden. First and foremost, you shouldn’t have to travel too far to get to the nearest scattering garden. You’ll also provide your whole family with a place to “visit” your loved one’s remains when you scatter them in a scattering garden. And maybe best of all, scattering gardens allow for families to keep the remains of both those who are buried and those who are cremated in the same place. It’s why they’ve started to become more popular in recent years.


Where can you find a scattering garden?

If you’re interested in seeing where the closest scattering gardens are to you, you should go ahead and Google “scattering gardens near me.” This should provide you with a list of cemeteries in your city that have scattering gardens in them. You might be surprised to see how many cemeteries have scattering gardens in them nowadays. It won’t be too long before just about every cemetery in the country has a scattering garden in it.


How much does it cost to use a scattering garden?

cremation services in Rocklin CA2 300x199There will typically be some kind of a cost that will come along with scattering a loved one’s remains in a scattering garden. But the total amount of money that you’ll be asked to pay will change based on which cemetery you decide to use. It would be a great idea for you to shop around to see how much it’ll cost your family to utilize a scattering garden. You should be able to find an option that will work well with your family’s budget.


With the death of your loved one, your life has been changed. Understanding grief provides hope that you will be able to survive this most difficult experience. We’ve been assisting families with Rocklin, CA cremations for a long time now. We can help you to track down a scattering garden for your loved one’s remains if you would like. Contact us today to get additional information on scattering gardens and the benefits of using one when it comes time to scatter a loved one’s remains.

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