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How to Tell Your Family You’re Choosing Cremation Services

Have you thought long and hard about it and ultimately decided that cremation services in Roseville, CA are a better choice for you than burial services? This is a big decision to make, but it’s one that a lot of people are making these days now that the popularity of cremation services is on the rise. If you know for a fact that you’re going to choose cremation services over burial services in the end, you should consider pre-planning services at a funeral home. But first, you should also consider talking to your family about your intentions. Take a look at some tips on how to tell your family that you want to be cremated below.


Start by finding the right time to tell your family.

If you’re going to tell your family that you want a Roseville, CA cremation rather than a burial one day, it isn’t something you should simply mention in passing. It’s something you should sit down and talk to them about during a serious discussion. Carve out an hour or two of time one afternoon to speak with your family about your cremation wishes. It’ll help you have a more productive conversation overall when you take this approach.


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Lay out your reasons for wanting to be cremated for your family.

When you and your family actually sit down to discuss cremation, you should start by telling them point-blank that you want to be cremated. You should then talk to them about all the different reasons why you want to be cremated as opposed to buried. You might even want to write down these reasons so that you don’t inadvertently gloss over any of them during your talk with your family. It’ll show your family just how serious you are about wanting to be cremated.


Prepare to answer any questions about cremation your family might have.

After you tell your family that you’d like to be cremated, they’re probably going to have a bunch of questions for you. They’re going to want to know why you’re choosing cremation, and they’re also going to have questions about the cremation process itself. You should be ready, willing, and able to answer all of their questions one at a time. It’ll illustrate how much you’ve learned about cremation and help to put your family members’ minds at ease.


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Let your family know you’re open to talking to them more about cremation moving forward.

There is a pretty good chance that you and your family members aren’t going to all get on the same page with regards to cremation after just one conversation about it. They might still have some reservations about your choosing cremation services. With this in mind, you should commit to having more conversations about cremation as you move forward. It’s great for families to continue to talk about these kinds of things over time.

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Do you want to learn more about cremation yourself before speaking with your family about it? You need a reliable Roseville, CA funeral home on your side to break cremation services down for you. Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel can help you educate yourself on cremation and all that it entails. Contact us now to schedule a sit-down meeting with a funeral director.

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