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4 Types of Cremation Services That You Need to Know About

At this point, most people are at least vaguely familiar with what cremation is. Since the cremation rate has skyrocketed in recent years, more and more people are educating themselves on it. But not everyone realizes that there are a handful of different types of cremation services in Rocklin, CA that families can choose from when cremating a loved one. You should learn more about each of them so that you know what each one entails. Here is more information on the four main types of cremation services.


Direct cremation

Direct cremation, which is also sometimes referred to as simple cremation, is the most basic form of cremation. It includes a Rocklin, CA cremation and, well, not much else. When families select direct cremation for a loved one, there won’t be any kind of funeral service or memorial service held for them. Instead, they will simply be cremated and have their remains handed back to their family without any pomp and circumstance. Because direct cremation is so simple and straightforward, it’s also the most affordable option by far.


Traditional funeral service with cremation

While direct cremation has its benefits, most families prefer to stage some kind of funeral service for their loved ones even if they’re being cremated. This makes a traditional funeral service with a cremation a popular option for them. The traditional funeral service held with this type of cremation service will look and feel just like the funeral service held for someone being buried. But it’ll end with the person being cremated instead. It’s a terrific choice for those families who want to pay their respects to their loved one before their cremation takes place.


Memorial service or celebration of life ceremony with cremation

One of the advantages of cremating someone as opposed to burying them is that families don’t have to rush to set up a funeral service for them if they don’t want to. If they so choose, they can cremate them first and then worry about holding a service later on. That is where a memorial service or celebration of life ceremony with cremation will come in handy. Families can plan memorial services or celebration of life ceremonies for their loved ones for sometime after their cremations are complete. It makes this the most convenient kind of cremation service.


Graveside service with cremation

If a family is planning to bury their loved one’s cremated remains or stick them into a columbarium, they might want to hold a special graveside or niche side service for them. This is possible with this type of cremation service. A person’s body will be cremated first with this service and then taken to a cemetery so that their remains can be buried or stored in a niche. Their family will mark the occasion by having a ceremony of some kind at the cemetery for them.

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Which one of these cremation services would work best for your loved one? If you need help deciding, Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel can speak with you more about each of them. We can also help you make Rocklin, CA funeral arrangements for them at our funeral home. Get in contact with us today to start the planning process.