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How Different Religions View Cremation

Lincoln, CA, cremation services are becoming more common lately. Since the United States is a melting pot of people from various backgrounds, you may have wondered how different religions view the cremation.

Cremation is predominant in Hinduism and Buddhism but is also practiced by some Christians and Muslims.


In Buddhism, cremation is seen as a way to cleanse the body and the soul before they enter into the next life.

The body is seen as a vessel that contains the soul, and when the body is cremated, it is believed that the soul is released from the body and can move on to the next life. Cremation is also seen as a way to purify the body and make it ready for reincarnation.


Hindus believe that cremation frees the soul from the body and allows it to begin its journey to the next life. They believe that the soul is eternal and that it goes through a cycle of birth and death. So each time a soul is reborn, it takes on a new body. The soul is seen as being trapped in the physical world, and cremation is seen as a way to break free from this cycle.

Cremation is also seen as a way to purify the soul. The fire of cremation is believed to cleanse the soul of all impurities. Once the soul is purified, it is able to begin its journey to the next life.


Muslims believe that cremation is an affront to the natural order of things and that the body must be buried whole.

In Islam, the human body is seen as a gift from God and it is therefore disrespectful to deliberately destroy it. Cremation is also seen as a way of escaping accountability for one’s actions in this life, as the body is required for resurrection on the Day of Judgment. They believe that the soul continues to exist after death and that the deceased will be visited by Allah (God) in the afterlife. Understanding grief provides hope that you will be able to survive this most difficult experience.


Lincoln CA cremation services2 300x200Cremation is a personal preference for many Christians, but there are still a significant number of traditionalists who opt for burial.

For those who are in favor, it is practical and economically feasible as it does not require the use of land or water resources. Cremation is also seen as a way to reduce the environmental impact of a corpse, which some Christians see as a sign of respect for God’s creation. Additionally, cremation can reduce the risk of disease transmission, as the body is not exposed to pathogens.

Depending on the sect or denomination, some Christians also believe that cremation is a symbolic act of burning away sin.


Judaism has mixed views on cremation, with some sects viewing it as acceptable and others viewing it as forbidden.

The main reason why some Jews view cremation as acceptable is that it is seen as a way to hasten the return of the soul to God. It is also seen as a way to prevent the corruption of the body, which is seen as something that should be avoided. On the other hand, some Jews view cremation as forbidden because it is seen as a desecration of the body.

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