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When Will a Family Receive Cremated Remains After a Cremation?

After your loved one’s cremation services in Roseville, CA are complete, you and your family are going to eagerly anticipate the moment when you’re able to get their cremated remains back. You’ll know what you’re going to do with them next by that point, and you’ll be excited to get the remains so that you can take them home with you, scatter them in a special place, or do something else with them. But more often than not, you won’t be able to get the remains back right away. Here is what will need to happen prior to you receiving your loved one’s remains.

Your loved one’s cremated remains will need to be fully processed.

At the conclusion of your loved one’s Roseville, CA cremation, you might be under the impression that all a crematory has to do is gather up their remains and give them to you. But it’s not quite that simple. Instead, a crematory has to gather up the remains that were left behind during your loved one’s cremation and process them so that they’re all uniform in size. This is a very important step that will need to be taken, and it’ll force your family to wait a little longer to obtain your loved one’s remains.

A doctor will need to sign some important documents.

In addition to processing your loved one’s cremated remains, a crematory is also going to have to touch base with a doctor to have them sign off on some important documents. In some cases, this part of the process will be easy to work through. But in others, a doctor might not be readily available to sign the necessary documents, and it could delay the process. You might have to wait longer than you would like if a crematory is unable to connect with a doctor right away.

The remains will need to be put into a cremation container or urn.

Before you can claim a loved one’s cremated remains, they’re going to need to be placed into either a cremation container or an urn. In a perfect world, you will have already selected an urn for your loved one’s cremated remains and provided it to a crematory. But if you dragged your feet and waited until the last minute to do this, it could slow things down dramatically and prevent you from getting your loved one’s remains. It’s why you should strive to find an urn for your loved one’s remains ASAP.

All of this will take somewhere between one and two weeks to play out.

Generally speaking, most families can expect to receive their loved one’s cremated remains back about one to two weeks following their cremation. There are times when a crematory will be able to give them the remains much sooner than that. There are also times when it might take more than two weeks to do it. But the average familycremation service in Roseville CA 300x150 should only have to wait a week or two before getting their loved one’s remains and deciding what to do with them next.

At Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, we understand that families want to get their loved one’s remains back quickly following their Roseville, CA cremations. So we make it our mission to keep the cremation process moving along as efficiently as we can to make this possible. Give us a call to take advantage of our stellar cremation services.

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