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Tips on Putting Together a Funeral Procession

After holding funeral services for their loved ones at funeral homes in Roseville, CA, many families will immediately head to nearby cemeteries to bury them. If this is what your family is planning to do, you should think about forming a funeral procession and using it to travel from a funeral home to a cemetery. Before you do this, though, you should learn about how to put together a funeral procession without too much confusion. Get some tips on how to do this below.


Plan to make an announcement about your funeral procession at the end of a loved one’s funeral.

If you’re going to use a funeral procession to get from a Roseville, CA funeral home to a cemetery, you should plan to make an announcement about it at some point. Ideally, you should let people know that you’re going to be forming a funeral procession toward the end of your loved one’s funeral. You might also want to invite all those who would like to participate in your funeral procession to meet outside in the parking lot so that you can relay further instructions to them.


Get flags, signs, or some other markers to hand out to those who will be in your funeral procession.

When you get together with those who will help to form a funeral procession, you should have flags, signs, or some other kinds of markers ready to hand out to them. Everyone should put these markers right on their vehicles so that it’s easy to tell that they’re a part of a funeral procession. More often than not, the funeral home that you’re using should have markers that they can give out to those who will be in your funeral procession.


Ask those who will be a part of your funeral procession to turn on their hazard lights.

funeral homes in Roseville CA2In addition to having those who will participate in your funeral procession put markers on their vehicles, you should also ask them all to turn their hazard lights on. These hazard lights will be used to let other drivers out on the road know that you’ve set up a funeral procession to make your way to a local cemetery. They’ll be less likely to inadvertently cut into your funeral procession when they see that everyone who is a part of it has their hazard lights blinking.


Drive slowly and cautiously throughout the course of your funeral procession.

As long as you’ve done everything else that we’ve talked about here, you should be able to form your funeral procession and start heading over to a cemetery with it. But while you’re doing it, you should make sure that you drive slowly and cautiously at all times. Most other drivers will respect your funeral procession and steer clear of it. But there might be some people who don’t recognize that you have a funeral procession set up right away. By slowing down, you’ll give them time to realize what’s going on so that they don’t hold your funeral procession back.


If you need help forming a funeral procession following a loved one’s Roseville, CA funeral services, our funeral home can assist you in doing it. We can also lend a hand with all the other aspects of the funeral planning process. Reach out to us now to get started.

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