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Should Parents Bring Their Kids Along to Funeral Homes?


Parents obviously have to make all kinds of difficult decisions when it comes to their kids while they’re in the process of raising them. One of those decisions involves choosing whether or not to bring them along when they attend services at funeral homes in Roseville, CA. Are you currently trying to decide if it’s a good idea to bring your kids with you to a funeral home? If so, there are some things that you should think long and hard about prior to making a decision one way or the other. Read about several of those things below.


Begin by thinking about your kids’ relationship to the deceased.

Generally speaking, you’re probably not going to want to bring your kids to Roseville, CA funeral services for someone they might not know all that well. The risks will outweigh the potential rewards in this case. You should usually only bring kids to funeral services for someone that they knew well since they’re not going to benefit from it otherwise. It’s why you should start the decision-making process by thinking about what your kids’ relationship to the deceased was.


Consider how well your kids understand the concept of death.

In addition to considering your kids’ relationship to the deceased, you should also think about how much they know about the concept of death at the moment. If your kids are a little bit older, they might be familiar with death and all that it entails. But if they’re still on the younger side, they might not know much about death at all. You may want to reconsider your decision to bring them if you don’t think they’re going to be able to wrap their heads around death and what it means.


Contemplate how your kids might react to what goes on inside of a funeral home.

Many kids aren’t prepared for what happens inside of a funeral home during funeral services. They’re not necessarily used to seeing a lot of their loved ones crying. They’re also often scared by the sight of one of their relatives lying in a casket. You should think about how your kids are going to respond to these types of images. If you’re hesitant about how they’ll react at all, you may want to leave them behind at home while you attend funeral services.

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Decide if you’ll regret bringing or not bringing your kids to a funeral home.

There is a chance that you might regret not bringing your kids along to a funeral home to attend services for grandpa or grandma. By bringing your kids, you’ll be giving them an opportunity to say goodbye to them. But there is also a chance that you might regret bringing your kids to a funeral home if they start acting out as soon as you get there. You should consider these potential regrets and then make a final decision as far as how you’re going to approach taking your kids with you to a funeral home.


At Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, we know how challenging it can be for parents to decide if bringing their kids to a funeral home is the right choice. We specialize in helping families who are making Roseville, CA funeral arrangements to make the correct call in these instances. Call us for all your funeral needs.