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Zack’s Story

Zachary Paul Harder
June 2, 1984 – June 10, 2006

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Zachary Paul Harder

Our youngest son, Zachary Paul Harder (also known as Zack Harder or plain old “Zack” for short), was born and raised in Roseville, California. Attending schools and church, participating in sports programs, and working in his community, allowed him to develop a huge network of friends during his lifespan of 22 years. He was loved dearly by all who knew him as a happy-go-lucky person with a amazing sense of humor. He had the ability to brighten everybody’s day when he was around.

Zack has one sister, Malinda, and two brothers, Tim and Steve. A friend of ours once told us that we needed the first three to handle Zack because he was so full of energy! He was loved by his entire family and everyone participated in helping Zack grow up into a fine young man.

Zack’s life wasn’t without its trials. He was an ADD boy so, without much effort, he livened up every classroom he was in. He experienced his first epileptic seizure when he was 16. Seriously breaking his leg the summer before his senior year at Roseville High School brought his promising soccer career to an abrupt end. A serious accident in July 2005 landed him in the hospital with a concussion and a totaled Jeep. He bravely faced each trial and didn’t let circumstances get him down for long.

Tim and Steve were overjoyed when Zack decided to join them in Southern California in April 2006. They loved every minute they could spend with him and helped him celebrate his 22nd birthday.

When Zack came back to Roseville to visit friends the weekend of June 10, 2006, they decided to go to the South Fork of the Yuba River on to cool off and have some fun. Being unfamiliar with the dangers of the river at that time of year, Zack was tragically swept away by the current at about 4:00 in the afternoon. His body was found the following Friday evening. His graveside and memorial services were held on July 1.

Our grief at losing Zack is unbearable at times. However, knowing that he had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ assures us that we will see him again in Heaven. We hold that promise close to our hearts and trust that, because of who he was, we will continue to see eternal value from his life. Memories of Zack’s fun loving attitude brighten our days as we focus on the dear son, brother, uncle and friend that he was.

Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel was opened in 2008 as a result of experiencing this tragic loss. It is our desire to help people on the worst day of their life when they have to go to a funeral home to make arrangements for a loved one.

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