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What to Expect During A Funeral Arrangement Meeting

Please review our COVID-19 Update to see how things have changed during the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Order.

picture funeral home and cremations lincoln ca 300x200Who Will Greet Me When I Arrive?

One of our friendly staff members or your Funeral Director will meet you and escort you to our arrangement room.

You will be offered a beverage (coffee, tea, or water) from our beverage area.


cremation and funeral service lincoln ca 300x240What Does the Arrangement Room Look Like?

Our Arrangement Room is comfortably furnished with a small round conference table and chairs.  Some of our urn selections, memorial book sets, and keepsake items are on display.  We also have a veteran’s memorial section. Casket corners are available to aid you in your casket selection.


What Should I Bring When I Meet with the Funeral Director?

You may have been provided with a link to enter the following information online. If you would prefer, you can bring the information with you.  If you enter the information online, it will save time during the arrangement meeting.

  • Full Legal Name
  • Home Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Father’s First, Middle and Last Name
  • Mother’s First, Middle and Maiden Name
  • Veteran’s Discharge Papers Form DD214 (upload or bring with you)
  • Highest Education
  • Occupation
  • Place of Burial or Intended Location of Cremated Remains

Clothing for a viewing and burial will be discussed.

A photo of your service folders will be needed if you are planning a funeral or memorial service.

Options for a tribute requiring digital photos will also be reviewed during the arrangement meeting.


cremation lincoln ca 150x150
Tour Our Facility

Our Funeral Director can give you a short tour of our building, including the opportunity to visit our Chapel and discuss the options for setup for your funeral or memorial service and reception.


How Long Will the Arrangement Meeting Last?

You should plan at least one-and-a-half to two hours for the arrangement meeting.  During the meeting, you will review your loved one’s wishes for burial or cremation, sign necessary forms, make a payment, and discuss your plans for the funeral or memorial service.  We understand that this may be an emotional time for you so we want to allow plenty of time for you to thoughtfully make the many decisions that have to be made at this time.

Will I Be Able to View My Loved One During the Arrangement Meeting?

Viewing may be arranged, but will not take place during the arrangement meeting. If requested, it will take place at a separate time after we prepare your loved one.  Because of the time, it will take for preparation, a separate fee will be charged.  A private family viewing is an option, or you may choose to have a lengthier viewing when more family members and friends are welcome to say their final goodbye.  All the options will be discussed during the arrangement meeting.

It is our privilege to assist you with some of the most meaningful plans you will ever make for your loved one.



Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel is a family-owned funeral home in California, servicing the greater Sacramento and Placer County areas. We’re here to help you with all of your pre-planning and pre-arrangement needs, contact us now!

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