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Has Someone Passed Away?

First of all, let us offer our sincere condolences.  We know how hard this is for you and your loved ones. Having lost our son, we appreciate what you are going through.

When a death occurs, there are many things to consider and decisions to make. We are here to assist you all along the way. 

When a death occurs

  • at a hospital: notify the hospital that you have selected Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel. Hospital staff will contact us on your behalf after they have completed their necessary documents. We recommend you also contact us.
  • at an assisted living, nursing, or long term care facility: Notify the staff that you have selected Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel and they will contact us on your behalf.
  • at home and under hospice care: If the deceased was under hospice care, notify the hospice nurse. The nurse will contact Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel on your behalf.
  • at home and not under the care of hospice:  Call 9-1-1. When Emergency Medical Personnel (EMT’s) arrive, be ready to show them the Advanced Directive and provide medical information. They will declare time of death if the County Coroner releases the deceased. You should then call Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel so our staff can arrange to bring your loved one into our care.
  • if the coroner is involved:  When the Coroner determines further investigation is necessary, the deceased will be transported to the county morgue.  You should call Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel to schedule a meeting with our Funeral Director. We will notify the Coroner that we will be handling arrangements for your loved one.
  • out of state/out of the country: Even if a death occurs away from home, you should notify us. If you plan to have the deceased brought home, or if you plan to have services in the area where the death occurred, we can help facilitate transportation and coordination with a funeral home in that location.

Scheduling an Arrangement Meeting

As soon as possible, you should call Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel to set an appointment to speak with your Funeral Director.  For many, going to a Funeral Home is daunting, but we hope we can alleviate your fears and help you feel comfortable. Here’s what you can expect to happen during the arrangement meeting.

Contact These People As Soon As Possible

  • Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel to set an appointment to finalize arrangements
  • Relatives and friends
  • The individual who will manage the estate (Personal Representative)
  • Cemetery where your loved one owns a plot or wants to be buried
  • Employer of the deceased
  • Insurance companies to request claim forms (life, health, and accident)
  • Religious, fraternal, civic and Veteran’s organizations and unions (if applicable)
  • Lawyer and Accountant

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