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Tips for Talking to Your Spouse About Your Desire to Be Cremated

If you’re married, you and your spouse are going to need to have a conversation about your final wishes at some point. This is going to be especially true if you have decided that you want to go with cremation services in Roseville, CA over burial services. You don’t want to blindside your spouse one day by letting them find out that you preferred cremation from someone else. You should instead sit down with your spouse and have a serious conversation about cremation with them. Here are several tips on how to do it.

Start by finding the right time to bring up cremation to them.

If you’re going to have a good conversation with your spouse about Roseville, CA cremation, you’re going to have to find the right time to bring it up. It won’t be something that you want to bring up on a whim without putting any thought into it. You should try to carve out some special time to speak with them about your cremation wishes. It’ll increase the chances of them having a positive reaction to the news.

Explain to them why you want to be cremated rather than buried.

Once you find the right time to talk to your spouse about cremation, come right out and let them know that you want to be cremated. There is no sense in beating around the bush. Then, break down why you’re choosing cremation for them. You should be able to explain some of your top reasons for picking cremation services over burial services. It wouldn’t hurt to write these reasons down so that you don’t forget them.

Ask them if they have any questions about cremation for you.

After you’ve told your spouse that you want to be cremated and not buried, there is a decent chance that they’re going to have some questions for you. In fact, they might have a lot of questions that they want to run by you. You should be open to answering any and all questions that they might have. You should also be patient with them and let them ask as many questions as they might want. It’ll show them that you’re willing to work through any concerns that might be rattling around in their brain.

See if they have any interest in being cremated as well.  cremation services in Roseville CA 300x150

Towards the end of your conversation with your spouse, you should ask them if they’ve ever considered cremation before. They might tell you that they have, or they might tell you that they haven’t but that they would like to do it soon. You might be able to bring them on board with the idea of choosing cremation over burial, and it could lead to you both heading off to a funeral home to put advance plans into place.

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