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The Important Meanings Behind the Flowers Found at Funeral Homes

When you walk into one of the many funeral homes in Roseville, CA, you’re going to be greeted by all kinds of different flowers. The average funeral home is filled to the brim with lilies, roses, carnations, orchids, and more. These flowers will all work together to make a funeral home look and smell amazing. But there is also more to these flowers than meets the eye (and nose!). Each type of flower has a very specific meaning behind it. Find out what some of the flowers that we just mentioned mean below.


Lilies are probably the most popular type of flowers found in funeral homes, and that’s largely because of how beautiful and fragrant they are. But they’re also popular because, of all the flowers on this list, they tend to have the most meanings behind them. Lilies are used to represent things like the innocence of the soul, purity, radiance, and even virginity. It’s why people turn to lilies early and often when they’re looking for flowers to send to a Roseville, CA funeral home.


When you picture a big bouquet of roses in your head, you likely associate them with Valentine’s Day or maybe a wedding anniversary. But they’ve also found a home in many funeral homes because of the different meanings that come along with the different colored roses. Red roses naturally represent love and admiration. But there are yellow roses that represent friendship and pink roses that represent gratitude. You should keep this in mind any time you decide to send roses to a funeral home.


Similar to roses, you’re going to find your fair share of carnations in funeral homes in different colors. And each carnation color stands for something a little different. Red carnations, for example, represent love and affection, while white ones represent innocence. Pink carnations, meanwhile, have become a staple in funeral homes that specialize in holding Catholic funerals because the belief is that they were made using tears from the Virgin Mary. You can mix and match different colored carnations to create standing sprays and funeral wreaths that would be perfect for funeral homes.


Orchids are also available in many different colors just like roses and carnations are. But you won’t have to be too concerned about trying to figure out which color represents what. That’s because all orchids are designed to represent love. Orchids are also some of the longest-lasting funeral flowers around, which has turned them into a popular choice for those interested in sending flowers to funeral homes. Grieving families will usually be able to bring these flowers home with them following their loved one’s funeral services.funeral home in Roseville CA 300x150

Would you like to send flowers to a grieving family at a funeral home? Or would you like to invest in flowers for a loved one’s Roseville, CA funeral services? Either way, Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel is here to help with all of your important flower-related needs. Reach out to us to learn more about the flowers found in funeral homes.

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