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The Benefits of Working With Family-Owned Funeral Homes

There are two main types of funeral homes in Lincoln, CA that you’ll find. They are corporate-owned funeral homes and family-owned funeral homes. Whenever possible, it’s always a good idea for you to look for family-owned funeral homes to work with when planning funeral services. There are lots of benefits that will come along with taking this approach. Check out some of the biggest advantages of working with a family-owned funeral home over a corporate-owned funeral home below.


Family-owned funeral homes will treat you like family from the start.

When you make your way into a funeral home for the first time, you’re often going to be beside yourself with grief. It’ll help to have a funeral home on your side that really cares about you and show you the proper amount of compassion. Corporate-owned funeral homes won’t always do this for you. But family-owned funeral homes will make you feel like you’re a part of their family. It’ll be nice to know that you have this kind of funeral home working with you.


They’ll work to get you the services you need, not the services that will make them the most money.

All funeral homes are obviously in the business of trying to make money. But corporate-owned ones, in particular, are usually fixated on trying to bring in the most profits possible. To that end, they’ll sometimes try and get you to sign up for Lincoln, CA funeral services that you might not need. This is not what you’ll get when you work with a family-owned operation. Family-owned funeral homes won’t push services that you don’t need on you to squeeze a little more money out of you. They’ll only set you up with the services you absolutely need to keep your funeral costs low.


They’ll set you up with grief counseling services and make sure you’re feeling OK.

Family-owned funeral homes will work hard to make sure you get access to the funeral services you need. But that isn’t all they’ll do. They’ll also make sure that you and your fellow family members are coping with your loss by extending grief counseling services to you. These services will really come in handy when you and your family are trying to come to terms with the death of a loved one. They’ll make it possible for you to compartmentalize your emotions so that you’re able to make levelheaded decisions while making funeral arrangements.


They’ll keep in touch with you long after a loved one’s funeral services in many cases.

Once you’re all done holding funeral services for a loved one, most corporate-owned funeral homes will say thank you and part ways with you. But family-owned funeral homes will typically stay in touch with a family for a year or more after their loved one’s loss so that they can continue to check up on them. They’ll also provide them with any additional grief support resources that they might need.

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Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel is a family-owned operation that will go to great lengths to ensure you’re satisfied with our Lincoln, CA funeral services. You’ll see the difference between us and corporate-owned funeral homes when you give us a call. Touch base with us today to start making funeral arrangements for a loved one with our help.

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