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Why Are Pre-arrangements Important?

Call Ron Harder at (916) 791-2273, to begin your pre-arrangement process.  Arrangements can be handled remotely.

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Your Preplan Is Safe With Homesteaders Life

No need to meet! Everything can be handled remotely. Get peace of mind and lock in the prices! Your prearrangements are safe with us because they are held in a life insurance policy created especially for end-of-life expenses. You do not need to pre-qualify for this policy with Homesteaders Life.

… First of all, it’s one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your family to relieve them of the stress and anxiety that comes with making end of life arrangements for their loved one at the time of need.

… Secondly, we will keep this information on file for future reference.  If you wish, it also allows us to initiate a death-benefit-only insurance policy that will enable us to lock in the cost for your burial or cremation ahead of time.  There is an easy payment plan or the policy can be paid for in one lump sum payment.

… Lastly, having a prepaid prearrangement plan will provide future savings.  By taking advantage of locking in the current price, you are sure to see value in advanced planning. Who wants their family to have that financial burden?

… This plan will be completely transferable if you ever move from this area.  Should you have an emergency while you are away from home, we will receive a call here and assist your family with those emergency arrangements that can be so difficult for a family to deal with.  This service will require you to have a current file with Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel so we can provide that service to your family when we are called upon.

… Pre-arrangements are part of estate planning.

… When you plan ahead with Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, you will receive an Emergency Card with your emergency contact information and a statement authorizing them to call us at the time of need.


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