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How to Write Your Life Story

Each of us has a story! It’s important to share your story with your family!

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My Dad and His Dog

My dad was a great story teller! He was born in 1920 in Santa Cruz, California. His family immigrated from England and New Zealand. He grew up during the Great Depression. His family didn’t have a lot of money, but he and his brothers had a lot of fun playing on the beach when they were kids.

He told us so many stories about his growing up years that I felt as if I’d been there and actually knew his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

So… this is why it’s important to record your life’s story… so your children and grandchildren will know about you, and also their family history.

Start out with the basics:

  • When and where you were born.
  • Where you grew up. Describe the house you lived in. 
  • Did you move around a lot? Or did you grow up in the same neighborhood?
  • How many siblings did you have.
  • Did you spend time with your cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles?
  • How about pets?
  • What hobbies did you have as a kid, as a teenager, a young adult? How did you enjoy spending your time?
  • How were the schools you attended different from the schools your children and grand children go to?
  • What trips and family vacations did you go on? How old were you when you went to those places?
  • What was the status of our country when you were growing up… was it the peaceful 50’s, the tumultuous 60’s during the Viet Nam era and the Hippie Culture, the Cold War of the 80’s.
  • Were your parents in the military? Were you in the military?
  • What new inventions entered the market during your lifetime?
  • Remember to include the years when you were raising your children.
  • You may now be retired and living a completely different life style. How is life different for you now than when you were a child?

See there? You have so much to share! Do yourself and your family a huge favor… write your story!

You can start out with a blank piece of paper and a pen, or you can get one of those helpful books that give you hints about what to write about.

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Record your story online at BeRemembered.com.

If you enjoy using a computer and the Internet, check out Be Remembered. This website will help you through the process of writing your story, plus it will give you a handy place to upload digitized photos to go along with your story.

So… what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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