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Choosing a Cemetery

Your selection of a cemetery is very important.  Cemeteries offer the final resting place for those who are buried, and also those who are cremated. Municipal Cemeteries in Placer and Sacramento Counties.

Here are some tips to help you obtain as much information as possible about the cemetery at which you are considering purchasing memorial property:

  • Visit the location and meet the staff.

Pay attention to how friendly and knowledgeable the staff members are, and how willingly they provide information.

  • Check out the physical condition of the grounds, roads and buildings.

Inspect the outer edges of the cemetery. If those areas are taken care of, you can be assured that the entire area will be well maintained.

  • Private or Public Cemeteries

If price is a concern, a municipal cemetery may be your better choice.  Many municipalities offer a discount to their residents.

Privately owned cemeteries are generally more expensive than municipal cemeteries.

If your loved one was a Veteran of the US Military, they are entitled to be placed at a National Cemetery.  Your Funeral Director at Heritage Oaks Memorial will be able to assist you with making those arrangements.

  • Consider other available conveniences

Research what arrangements can be made at the cemetery, including burial, mausoleum or cremation memorialization and flowers.

  • Guidelines for Monuments and Grave Markers

Each cemetery has policies regarding the type of monuments or grave markers allowed. Request a copy from the cemetery you’re considering and review it prior to making your decision to purchase a plot.

  • Consider past experiences

Evaluate the experiences that you or your friends have had with various cemeteries and funeral homes. You can also get information through the local Department of Consumer Affairs.

If you have a cemetery plot you want to sell, we can provide guidance. If you purchased a cemetery plot in another part of California or another state, we can offer advice on how to resell your property.

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