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Direct Cremation

Package Price  – $1,245                                                  General Price List

Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel offers affordable prices for cremation.

This package includes the following services:

  • Basic Service Fee
  • Cremation and processing for a deceased weighing up to 300 pounds, container provided by purchaser
  • Cremated remains available for pick up from Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel in a plain plastic box, or delivered to a residence (within a 20 mile radius)
  • Viewing prior to cremation can be arranged at an additional cost
  • Upgraded cremation container and rental casket available for an additional fee

The following additional options are available with cremation:

  • Direct cremation with a cardboard container provided – $1,295
  • Direct cremation up to 400 pounds – Additional $250
  • Direct cremation up to 500 pounds – Additional $350
  • Direct cremation over 500 pounds, subject to charges by Crematory – Additional Minimum $450
  • Basic cardboard cremation Container – $50
  • Reinforced cremation container (required for a deceased weighing over 300 pounds – $150
  • Upgraded cremation container – $150
  • Additional fee for witnessing cremation (limited to 5 people) – $250
  • Local delivery of cremated remains (within 20 mile radius) – $75
  • Shipment of cremated remains within the United States via Registered Mail – $135
  • Unattended aerial scattering of cremated remains – Starting at $350
  • Attended scattering at sea of cremated remains (price varies depending on location) – Range from $400 to $1,750
  • Additional charge for transfer of remains from a residence – $110
  • Crematory Fee (included in preplans over 6 months to cover increasing fuel cost) – $300
  • Expedited Cremation Fee – $275
  • Additional fee for cremation when wood casket is used – $175
  • Pacemaker removal – $55
  • Transferring cremated remains into full size or keepsake urns that are purchased from a 3rd party – $100

Additional fees may apply to items that require special handling or are not in stock.  Prices are subject to change without notice. Additional fees will apply for services held outside of our regular business hours. Our veterans discount does not apply to our low priced Direct Cremation package.

We have a selection of beautiful urns to choose from in our arrangement room. You are also welcome to visit our Urn Store to make your selection and place your order.

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For more information on funeral, cemetery and cremation matters, contact the Department of Consumer Affairs, Cemetery & Funeral Bureau, 1625 North Market Blvd, Ste S-208, Sacramento CA 95834, or call (916) 574-7870.