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Additional Information for Veterans

Are there special considerations for Veterans regarding cremation?

Upon request, we will notify the Veterans Administration of your loved one’s death. The purchase of an additional death certificate is required for this service.

Placement of cremated remains at a National Cemetery is at no charge for veterans or their spouse.  Most veteran’s families in our area choose the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon.  We will make the arrangements with the National Cemetery for placement, as well as for military honors to take place at the time of the committal service.  Information about National Cemeteries in California.

If you choose to have your loved one placed at a local cemetery rather than a National Cemetery, a grave or niche marker can be provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  The VA does not, however, pay for the setting of the marker. 

If you do not choose to request a grave marker issued by the VA, you can choose to purchase a marker that meets the specifications of the cemetery you have selected.

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