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FAQs About Cremation

How long will it take to receive the cremated remains?

It usually takes between 1 to 2 weeks for the cremated remains to be ready for you to pick up.  Sometimes there are delays when a doctor is unavailable to sign necessary documents.  There are others reasons for delays that are beyond our control.  You can request that the cremation be expedited for an additional fee.  We will call you as soon as the cremated remains of your loved one are available for you to pick up.

Does Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel own a crematory?

We do not have a crematory on-site. This is true of any cremation provider in South Placer County.  We transport those in our care to a well established and trusted crematory in Sacramento County where their county regulations make it possible to operate a crematory.

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Can we have a viewing if our loved one will be cremated?

Yes.  There are two types of viewings.  1) A short viewing lasts up to 45 minutes and is limited to up to 10 family members or close friends. Embalming the deceased is not necessary for the short viewing.

2) A long viewing lasts up to 3 hours and is often provided immediately before a funeral service.  If the funeral service will be held at a location other than Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, the family may choose to have a 3-hour viewing at our facility the day prior to the funeral.  It is our policy to require embalming for a viewing longer than 45 minutes.

Why do people have a viewing?

A viewing is helpful for those who need to see their loved one more time before their final farewell.  If a family member or close friends has not been with the deceased for quite some time, a viewing can be especially comforting.

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Can we have a Funeral service if our loved one has chosen cremation?

Yes.  At a funeral, also referred to as a “Traditional,” service, the body of the deceased is present in a casket.  We have a beautiful Poplar Rental Casket available for this purpose for an additional fee.  Or you may purchase a cremation casket.  Cremation caskets are cremated along with the deceased.  There are made of wood with no metal parts.

Can the cremated remains be present at a Memorial Service?

Yes.  Families often choose to have the cremated remains present in an urn at their loved one’s Memorial service.  We have a wide selection of beautiful urns that can be displayed at the service.  Florists have a variety of creative arrangements specifically for displaying the urn. 

When the family wishes to have the cremated remains at the Memorial service, it is necessary to schedule the service at least 3 weeks out to allow for the cremation of the deceased to take place.  If the service needs to be scheduled sooner than 3 weeks, we encourage the family to request that the cremation be expedited at an additional fee.

Is a Funeral or Memorial Service Really That Important?

A funeral or memorial service, also referred to as a “Traditional Service” or “Celebration of Life,” is an opportunity for family and friends to come together to honor their departed loved one. This is very important in allowing people to have a healthy start to their grieving process. 

We can assist you with designing a wonderful service for your loved one that will reflect their personality, interests and accomplishments. Our versatile facility and convenient catering services will provide you with a beautiful setting and the worry-free convenience you need.

A typical Funeral or Memorial service is around 1-1/2 to 2 hours long.  If you add a reception or meal at the location, you should plan an additional hour.  If you are planning to use a rented facility, you will want to keep in mind their cost for rental charges.

A graveside or niche-side service is usually no longer than 45 to 60 minutes long.

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If I choose to purchase an urn from you at a later date, will you transfer the cremated remains for me?

Absolutely!  If you purchase one of the many urns we have to choose from, whether a full size urn or a keepsake, we will be more than happy to transfer the cremated remains from the temporary plastic container to the permanent urn.  If you choose to bring an urn purchased from a third party vendor, we will transfer the cremated remains for you for a reasonable fee.

What if I live in a different city from where my loved one died.  Can you ship the cremated remains to me?

Yes we can! We ship cremated remains through the US Postal Service by Priority Express Mail.  The urn or temporary container are packed in a plain cardboard box sturdy enough to protect the contents from damage.  You will be required to sign for the parcel.

Can I transport cremated remains with me when I travel?

If you are traveling by vehicle, you may transport the cremated remains, but we will need to file with the County for a permit which shows the final location where the cremated remains will be placed.  This can be at a cemetery, in a private residence, or wherever you plan to place them.

If you are traveling by air, again, you will need to file with the County for a permit and have the permit available to show the authorities when you go through airport security.  You will want to carry the cremated remains with you as hand baggage as opposed to checking them in as luggage.

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If we want to place our loved one’s cremated remains at a cemetery, what do I need to do to make those arrangements?

If you have chosen a public or private cemetery (not a National Cemetery), you must contact them to make arrangements for burial or interment of cremated remains. An Interment Order with the cemetery needs to be signed.  Most cemeteries require two full days prior to the interment to prepare the grave or niche. The cemetery will not begin the opening of a niche or grave unless this order has been signed and all fees are paid.  This is not the responsibility of Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, but your Funeral Director will be more than happy to advise the cemetery of your choice to expect a call from you so that they can have the necessary paperwork ready for you.  It is, however, ultimately your responsibility to make these arrangements with the cemetery.

Are there special considerations for Veterans?

Learn more about special considerations for veterans.

Be sure to check out our articles on planning funeral and memorial services.

What if I have additional questions?

If your question is not listed among our FAQs, please call us at (916) 791-2273 and speak with our Funeral Director.

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