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Reasons to Have a Private Funeral for a Loved One

Most families choose to hold public funerals for their loved ones at funeral homes in Rocklin, CA They do this so that anyone who wants to attend their loved one’s funeral can do it. But you and your family should know that you’ll also have the option to hold a private funeral for a loved one. There are many reasons why you might want to take this approach to things. Take a look at several of these reasons below.


You want to give your family space to grieve.

If you and your family are surrounded by dozens or even hundreds of other people at a loved one’s Rocklin, CA funeral services, it’s going to make it very hard for you to grieve in peace. In a worst-case scenario, it could actually slow down the grieving process and make it challenging for your family to heal in the aftermath of a loved one’s loss. By keeping your loved one’s funeral private, you’ll be able to set your family up with all the space they’ll need to grieve in a healthy way.


You want to avoid unnecessary family drama.

If you have some family members who don’t necessarily get along, they might be willing to set their differences to the side during a loved one’s funeral. But if you aren’t sure that they can do this, making your loved one’s funeral private could be a good way of avoiding family drama at it. You can let those who might cause trouble know that they aren’t welcome at the funeral. It’ll be one less thing that you have to be concerned about during your loved one’s funeral services.


You want to keep funeral costs as low as you can.

If you and your family are on a tight budget while planning a funeral for a loved one, you might not be able to afford to hold it in the biggest room in a funeral home. You can get a much better deal when you hold a private funeral in one of their smaller spaces. You should be able to get away with staging a private funeral in one of the smaller rooms at a funeral home, which will ensure that your family doesn’t end up going into debt while putting funeral plans into place.


funeral homes in Rocklin CA 300x225You want to keep a funeral off the media’s radar.

If your loved one lived their life in the public eye, the media might try to show up at their funeral to see if there is anything worth reporting that takes place during it. You should stop the press in their tracks by making your loved one’s funeral private. You’ll be able to limit the potential access that reporters have to your loved one’s funeral when you stop the public from coming to it.


Do you want to learn more about how to hold a private funeral for a loved one? If you do, our Rocklin, CA funeral home can speak with you more about it. We’ll show you how to plan out a private funeral from start to finish. Call us now to begin making private funeral arrangements.

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