John Barry Ritchey

Born : November 20, 1952

Entered into Rest: August 12, 2012

Come and listen to my tribute about a man named John,

He was a McDonald’s man who had a successful business run.

John was a natural leader whose organizational skills,

Enabled him to move forward and his dreams to fulfill.

John and Terry were the head of the John Ritchey clan.

They were the organized team of the business they ran.

His wife Terry said, that it was his smile that hypnotized her.

They were married for more than 20 years come September.

Terry said that he was a great husband and also a friend.

He was faithful and devoted to her until the very end.

His brood consisted of Shani, John Junior, and Joey,

He was proud of all of them as they continued to achieve.

It was at an early age when his entrepreneurship skills began,

When he took his Dad’s Hostess Twinkees and sold them to his friends.

As his business ventures continued to be logged,

John was also a health advocate, who practiced yoga and jogged.

He would take the dogs daily, to give them a walk,

And encouraged them to behave, as he walked and talked.

He loved music and would break out in a soulful song,

and used his guitars to encourage sing alongs.

John loved backyard gardening, and the ocean and pools.

He loved traveling to Italy and a Caribbean cruise!

He loved to barbeque and would slam the lid down!

John would also purchase any new computer gadget to be found.

To all who agree, he was a wonderful husband, father, brother, and friend,

Who “walked the walk” and challenged us to the very end!


Thank you John!


Written by your family



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  1. I miss you John! It’s that busy time of year for McDonald’s for planning, and we just finished a long meeting yesterday. You were the best VP!

    Your friends, fellow operators, and McDonald’s corporation all held a moment of silence and presented an engraved crystal wine decanter and even better, a BBQ tool set, to Terry, John Jr, and Joe. I know you were there in spirit and you would have been proud.


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