Homer Clayton Kunder

BornĀ  March 10, 1932

Entered into Rest June 17,2012

Clayton Kunder Obituary


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  1. Chad Clayton Kunder

    This was a very tough day for me because we were visiting him for fathers day when he died. I am his grandson. He was such an amazing and kind person and I wish I would have had more time with him. Its tough to sit and watch someone die and know you can do nothing about it. I had gotten a tattoo a couple days before we visited that symbolized his battle with cancer. It is a bird with the cancer hope ribbon in its beak along with two flowers which symbolizes my grandpas death to lung and prostate cancer and my aunts death due to cancer. Its tough realizing hes not here because I sometimes see a person that looks like him and it jogs my memory and makes me cry. Its so tough to lose a loved one and I experienced it here. It was tough to visit him on the day he died because he couldn’t open up his eyes or talk. He could only hear. This meant that he could not see the tattoo i got dedicated to him and my aunt and could also not respond when I said I loved him. It sucked. I miss him so much and I miss and love him so much.

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