Direct Cremation Sacramento

Direct cremation, as defined by federal regulations, is “a disposition of human remains by cremation, without formal viewing, visitation, or ceremony with the body present.” If you wish to have a memorial service at a later time, our chapel is the perfect location, and if desired, catering can be arranged at prices to fit your budget.

Our Direct Cremation includes the basic services of Funeral Director, staff and overhead; local transportation of the remains to Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel; refrigeration; secure and file the Death Certificate and Burial Permit; cremation, processing for a deceased weighing up to 300 pounds.

If a direct cremation is desired, an alternative container is required by the crematorium. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials such as fiberboard or composition materials (with or without an outside covering). The container we provide is cardboard however other options are available for purchase.

Cremation costs can vary widely from funeral home to funeral home and sometimes all needed services are not included in their quoted price. It is smart to compare but you must be sure you know what you are getting. 

Our price includes bringing the deceased into our care, cremation of deceased up to 300 lbs, basic container, and preparing of state forms for filing. Upgraded containers, urns or caskets are not included. Additional fees may apply for deaths that occur out of our basic service area, at a private residence,  or if the deceased weighs over 300 lbs. Should any of these additional fees apply, the overall cost to you for our services will still be lower than most funeral homes in our  general service area. Our posted Direct Cremation price starting at $1145 is accurate as of 04/05/2018.  A General Price List is available on this site, or upon request. Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel is a full service funeral home. We will also gladly review existing pre-need arrangement contracts for possible cost savings.

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Additional Options or Services –

Direct cremation with container provided by purchaser – $1145

Direct cremation with a cardboard container* – $ 1195

Direct cremation up to 400 pounds – Additional – $250

Direct cremation up to 500 pounds – Additional – $350

Direct cremation over 500lbs subject to charges by Crematory – Additional Minimum $450

Basic cardboard cremation container – $50

Reinforced cremation container required for a deceased weighing over 300 pounds – $150

Upgraded cremation container – $150

Additional fee for witnessing a cremation (limited to 5 people) – $250

Local delivery of cremated remains (within 20 mile radius) – $ 75

Shipment of cremated remains within the United States via Registered Mail – $135

Unattended aerial scattering, or scattering at sea, of cremated remains – Starting at $350

Attended scattering at sea of cremated remains (price varies depending on location) – Range from $400 to $1750

Additional charge for transfer of remains from a residence or small care home – $110

*Crematory Fee* (included in pre-plans over 6 months to cover increasing fuel cost) – $300

Expedited Cremation Fee – $275

Pacemaker Removal – $55

Transferring of cremated remains into full size or keepsake urns that are purchased from a 3rd party – $100

Here are some of the questions frequently asked in regard to the cremation costs and cremation services –

1. If I choose cremation, can I still have a memorial or celebration of life service?

Absolutely! Memorial or Celebration of Life services are encouraged as part of the healing process following a loss. We are here to assist you with a very meaningful service of remembrance.

2. As a Veteran, will I be charged an additional fee by the funeral home for filing for my veteran funeral benefits?

Some Sacramento funeral homes do charge an extra fee to assist with filing for veteran’s benefits. However, this service is provided at no extra charge as part of “Heritage Care.”

3. Will I be required to purchase a fancy urn?

No, but we do have a wide selection of other options available.

4. Will we be required to purchase an upgraded cremation container?

Unless the deceased weighs over 300 lbs, you will not be required to purchase an upgraded cremation container. The cremation container Heritage Oaks provides is cardboard and will be completely appropriate for your needs and the cost for this container is included in our $1045 cremation package.

5. Is there an additional charge to publish an obituary in the newspaper?

Newspapers each have their own pricing for publishing obituaries. However, we do not charge an additional fee for assisting you with this task. The obituary can also be published online through the “Eternal Tributes” link on our website.

6. Does your staff have actual experience with cremations, or are they simply selling the service?

At Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, our Operations Manager is a certified crematory operator. He has performed many cremations and has extensive knowledge of the cremation process.

Contact us at 916-791-2273 or (800) 316-1987 and experience “Heritage Care” for your family and loved ones.

Find out how cremation costs, funeral expenses, and the cost of dying, doesn’t have to be quite so high!