Cremation Costs Sacramento

Cremation costs can vary widely from funeral home to funeral home and sometimes all needed services are not included in the pricing quoted.

It is smart to compare but you must be sure you know what you are getting. To help you do this, see our comparison of local cremation costs in the chart below.

Cremation Costs – A Side by Side Comparison

Full Service Funeral Homes – South Placer & Sacramento Counties

Funeral Home

Location Direct Cremation
Mount Vernon (Dignity) Fair Oaks $2,295
East Lawn Mortuary Sacramento $2,255
Neptune Society Sacramento $2,013
Lasilla Funeral Chapels Auburn & Lincoln $2,025
Lambert Funeral Home (Dignity) Roseville $1,840
Cochrane’s Funeral Home (Dignity) Roseville $1,695
Price Funeral Chapel Citrus Heights $1,195
Reichert’s Funeral & Cremation Services Citrus Heights $   990
Nautilus Society Sacramento $   945
Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel Rocklin $ *695

*Our price includes bringing the deceased into our care, cremation of deceased up to 225 lbs, basic containers and preparing of state forms for filing. Upgraded urns or caskets are not included. Additional fees may apply for deaths that occur out of our basic service area, at a private residence,  or if the deceased weighs over 225 lbs. Should any of these additional fees apply, the overall cost to you for our services will still be lower than most funeral homes in our  general service area. We encourage you to compare!  All cremation costs and comparison pricing current as of 11/12/2009. Prices may be verified by placing a call to each funeral home. General Price Lists available upon request. All providers listed, including Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, are full service funeral homes. We will gladly review existing pre-need arrangement contracts for possible cost savings.

If these funeral homes are charging these prices for direct cremation costs, can you imagine how much they charge for a Funeral or Memorial package?

Here are some of the questions frequently asked in regard to the cremation costs and cremation services.

1. If I choose cremation, can I still have a memorial or celebration of life service?

Absolutely! Memorial or Celebration‐of‐Life services are encouraged as part of the healing process following a loss. We are here to assist you with a very meaningful service of remembrance.

2. As a Veteran, will I be charged an additional fee by the funeral home for filing for my veteran funeral benefits?


Some Sacramento funeral homes do charge an extra fee to assist with filing for veteran’s benefits. However, this service is provided at no extra charge as part of “Heritage Care.”

3. Will I be required to purchase a fancy urn?

No. Included in our price is a temporary urn which will be respectfully delivered in a luxurious velvet bag. This is part of Heritage Care. We do have a wide selection of other options available.

4. Will we be required to purchase an upgraded cremation container?

Unless the deceased weighs over 250 lbs, you will not be required to purchase an upgraded cremation container. The cremation container Heritage Oaks provides is cardboard and will be completely appropriate for your needs. The cost for this container is included in our cremation price.

5. Is there an additional charge to publish an obituary in the newspaper?

Newspapers each have their own pricing for publishing obituaries. However, we do not charge an additional fee for assisting you with this task. The obituary will also appear on our website.

6. Does your staff have actual experience with cremations, or are they simply selling the service?

At Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, our Operations Manager is a certified crematory operator. He has performed many cremations and has extensive knowledge of the cremation process.

Contact us at 916-791-2273 or (800) 316-1987 and experience “Heritage Care” for your family and loved ones.

Find out how cremation costs, funeral expenses, and the cost of dying, doesn’t have to be quite so high!