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Grief Care at Bayside of Granite Bay

This grief support series is held three times a year beginning in January, April and September. It is open to the community. 

The goal in grieving is not to hurry up and get over it, but to fully experience it.  You can’t go around grief.  You can’t go under it, over it, or run away from it.  Dealing with sorrow straight-on is the means to get to the other side.

Facing the loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming challenge.  We experience intense feelings and so many life changes.  Attempts to move forward may seem impossible.  Come to Bayside Grief Care for support, practical help, and hope.

Who To Call

Contact and Facilitator:  Pam Brubaker, 916.300.8776. Listen to Pam’s interview on Hope, Healing and Help.
Sponsored by and hosted at Creekside Church, 290 Technology  Way, Ste 300, Rocklin, CA 95765.

What you can expect when you attend Grief Care

  • A confidential setting where it is safe for hurting, grieving people to share about their loss
  • A setting where people can feel unconditionally heard and accepted
  • Information and resources about the grieving process thereby making the mystery of grief more understandable
  • Help to better understand God … He is with us – He cares – He will help

Overview of the 8-week series

  1. Sharing the particular circumstances of loss
  2. Identifying the myths of grief
  3. How normal grief affects thoughts, feelings and behavior
  4. Spiritual issues and scripture linked to grief and God’s caring
  5. Physical aspects of grief and ways to take care of yourself
  6. Stages and phases of grief and hope
  7. Four tasks of mourning
  8. Family, social, financial, and personal changes and adjustments that face us
  9. What “acceptance” means
  10. Bayside and community grief resources

Although the loss of anyone or anything significant can cause one to experience grief, Grief Care focuses on losses caused by death.

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