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Common Misconceptions People Have Regarding Cremation Services

For years, a lot of people didn’t even consider cremation services in Lincoln, CA because of all the misconceptions surrounding them. Thankfully, a good portion of these people have come to their senses after taking the time to learn more about cremation and all that it entails. They no longer buy into the many myths surrounding cremation. But there are still some people out there who continue to believe in the myths regarding cremation. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about cremation and the truth behind them.


Myth: Cremation includes the usage of fire.

One of the top reasons why so many people used to be scared of the idea of Lincoln, CA cremations to some degree is because they mistakenly believed that cremation included the usage of fire. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. During a cremation, it’s heat, not fire, that is used to carry the process out. You won’t have to worry about your body or a loved one’s body being exposed to flames at any point throughout the cremation process.


Myth: Cremation isn’t allowed by most major religions.

For a long time, this misconception was actually true. A lot of the world’s major religions didn’t accept cremation as a viable option. But nowadays, just about all of them have come around to it. While some, like Judaism and Islam, continue to rail against cremation, most others will provide people with the opportunity to choose cremation if they want to. It has made cremation more of a possibility for many people who wouldn’t have considered it otherwise.


Myth: Cremation prevents families from holding funerals for their loved ones.

When you cremate a loved one, the cremation doesn’t have to be the only aspect of their funeral services. You can—and should!—hold a proper funeral for them if you would like. Whether you want to go with a traditional funeral, a memorial service, or even a celebration of life ceremony, you’ll be able to celebrate your loved one’s life one more time either before or after their cremation takes place. Just because a loved one is being cremated doesn’t mean you won’t still have the right to stage a funeral for them.


Myth: Cremation can result in two people’s remains getting mixed up.

The rules and regulations regarding cremation are very strict. As a result, crematories have to be extremely careful when cremating a person’s body. They have to go above and beyond to ensure that their remains don’t come anywhere close to another person’s remains. This means that you won’t have to be concerned about a loved one’s remains getting mixed up with someone else’s remains. It’ll provide you with peace of mind while cremating a loved one.

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