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Best Keepsakes You Can Buy for Cremation Services

When your family decides to plan out viewing before cremation service in Rocklin, CA for a loved one versus burial services, it’ll save you quite a bit of money. You might want to use some of this money to invest in cremation keepsakes. These keepsakes will help you to pay tribute to your loved one, both now and well into the future. Learn more about some of the different cremation keepsakes that you can purchase from a funeral home below.


If you and your family think that you might want to take a loved one’s remains home following their Rocklin, CA cremation, you should stick them into cremation urns first. An urn will provide the remains with all of the protection that they need. You can choose from metal urns, wooden urns, stone urns, and more. You should look for the specific urn that you like the most. You should also consider which urn will look the best when you display it in your home.


While it’s not a bad idea to keep all your loved one’s remains in one place by putting them into an urn, you can also divide the remains up and give them out to your various family members. They can then use something like cremation jewelry to store their portion of the remains. Cremation jewelry comes in many different forms, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. It’s designed to house a small portion of a loved one’s remains while looking beautiful in and of itself. It might be a fantastic addition to your own personal jewelry collection.

Picture frames

While mourning the loss of a loved one, you’ll likely spend at least some time going through old photographs of them. If you happen to come across one that you really like, you should consider picking up a gorgeous picture frame for it. You might even want to go as far as to personalize a picture frame so that it’s unique to your loved one. You can either put it out on display in your home on its own or place it next to your loved one’s urn so that you can look at your loved one every time you sneak a peek at their urn.

Stuffed animals

cremation service in Rocklin CA 300x150Is your family going to set aside some of your loved one’s remains for the younger members of your family? If you are, you can actually have them placed in special stuffed animals that have hidden compartments for a loved one’s remains. They’re fantastic keepsakes for those families that have a lot of small kids in them. You can have a very productive conversation about cremation with these kids by talking to them after giving them the stuffed animals that you’ve purchased for them.

Would you like to get your hands on any of the cremation keepsakes that we just mentioned? Or would you like to ask some lingering questions that you have about Rocklin, CA cremations? Our funeral home would be happy to help you with all your cremation-related needs including the general price list. Give us a call now to talk with an experienced funeral director or tour our facilities.

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