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Benefits of Holding a Viewing Before a Loved One’s Cremation

When you’re planning cremation services in Lincoln, CA, you might overlook the fact that you can hold a viewing for a loved one if you would like. Many families rush right into planning out the actual cremation and don’t even think to stage a viewing for their loved one. You should avoid doing this since there are so many benefits that come along with holding a viewing for a loved one ahead of their cremation. Check out a few of these benefits below and then seriously consider staging a viewing for your loved one.

Gives your family a chance to come to terms with a loved one’s death

When your family first discovers that a loved one has died, it’s going to be difficult for you all to wrap your heads around what has happened. You might even get stuck in a state of denial in some cases. This won’t be an issue when you hold a viewing for your loved one right before their Lincoln, CA cremation. The viewing will pretty much force you to come to terms with a loved one’s loss. And while this might not feel good at first, it’ll be better for you in the long run than the alternative.

Allows your family to say goodbye to your loved one

Many families don’t get an opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one prior to their death. A viewing will give you this chance back when you arrange for your loved one to have one. At your loved one’s viewing, you’ll be able to kneel, sit, or stand in front of them and say whatever you would like to say to them. Whether you just want to tell them that you love them or you want to get something off your chest while talking to them, it’ll be great for you to get the chance to express yourself to them at their viewing.

Sets your family up with plenty of love and support

cremation services in Lincoln CA 300x220Your family members are going to be able to lean on one another during your dark days after losing a loved one. But you’re also going to need to get some love and support from other places. Holding a viewing for your loved one will surround you with the love and support that you need as you seek to heal following your loved one’s loss. You might be surprised to see how many people come out to pay their respects to your loved one and to show you their support.

Helps your family start the healing process sooner than usual

You shouldn’t necessarily rush to start the healing process after losing a loved one. You’re going to need to let the process play out slowly over time. You can, however, nudge the healing process in the right direction by holding a viewing for your loved one. Once you’ve said your goodbyes to your loved one, you’ll be in a better place to cremate them and then to begin to heal. It’s still going to take time to heal fully, but you’ll like knowing that the process is underway.

Is your family going to hold a viewing for a loved one at a Lincoln, CA funeral home prior to their cremation? Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel can help make it possible for you. We can also assist you with all of your other cremation-related needs. Contact us to get started.

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