Arlan Lowe “Coke” Cokeley

13 December 2011

Born November 7,  1933

Entered into Rest December 9, 2011

Born in Altadena, CA to John Wesley Cokeley and Margaret Louise Cokeley


Surviving Family:

Janette Dorothy Cokeley, Loving Wife of 56 years

Children: Lynda Levon Woodhall, Glen Arlan Cokeley,

LornaLeane Wise, and Davin Lyell Cokeley

Grandchildren: Wendi LeVon Yopp,

Kai Everest, Audrey Glen, Bryce Valiant, Zavion Cruz, and Jesse Granite Cokeley,

Caelyn Joy, Christina Leanne, and Josiah David Wise

Hanna Joy, Elijah Casidy, and, Ava Janae Cokeley

Great Grandson: Cody Denver Yopp

Brother: John Wesley Cokeley

Sister: Shirley Mae Clemans

Parents John & Margaret, and Son Dwayne Dale Cokeley and Grandson Donald Denver Woodhall were waiting in heaven to greet him on his final flight to heaven.


Arlan served in Naval Aviation as a fighter pilot, 5 years active with 17 years reserve.

Retired 1994

He worked as design/development engineer for Aerojet Minuteman; Department of Defense USAF – McClellan with 30 +years retirement April 1993


Arlan was an entrepreneur from an early age, selling fresh oranges and eggs.  He had more than one paper route at a time, and was a caddy at a nearby golf course.  He trained homing pigeons and was an accomplished photographer, even developing his own photos.  He received awards in track and field events in grammar school and on up until he received the top award for being the most outstanding athlete in his Naval Academy officer training class.

He loved the outdoors: camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, canoeing, water skiing, snow skiing, etc. especially Yosemite where he spent the first 7 summers of his life.  He appreciated God’s creation and passed that appreciation on to his family.  He hiked most of the Pacific Crest Trail, some of it with just his back pack, and some with our llamas carrying the packs.

He also taught his children to be hard workers like him.  He could do most anything he set his mind to, like design and build his own house.

Besides flying in the military, he flew for Pan Am, Civil Air Patrol, and was a flight instructor.  He drove a big water truck on logging roads one time while on a vacation.  He worked in Real Estate, and as journeyman carpenter.

He rebuilt several military vehicles.

He drove RVs, and was active in Escapees, an RV club.  He enjoyed traveling with his beloved wife to many places in the states and Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii. they also enjoyed a few cruises, the most recent one through the Panama Canal.

He loved Gospel Bluegrass music.

He will be missed by his family and friends.  But we are all grateful for the wonderful memories he leaves with us.

Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles … NIV

Special Thanks

Janette and the family would like to thank her prayer group, the neighbors and friends, and her bereavement group for all your help, love, support, and prayers.




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  1. My Dear Arlan,
    On your one year heavenly birthday, Dec. 9th, I woke up with the song in my heart, ” Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives all fear is gone. for I know, I know, who holds the future, and life is worth the living, just because He lives”. That song is a real comfort.
    Little did I know that the tomorrow I would be facing was a literal tomorrow. The next day as I was shopping at the commissary, it hit me how much I missed having you there shopping with me, having coffee with some stranger that you could share your wealth of knowledge and/or some experience with.
    I love you and miss you,


  2. Dad,
    I love you and miss you. Thank you for instilling in me and in our family a love for God’s creation. Thank you for taking us to enjoy it together with you on sooo many occasions… camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, llama hiking, and camping, and in trips in the camper truck, army trucks, and later in the motor home. Because of you, I got to see so many national parks and national forests and the wildlife there. Thank you for teaching us so many things out in the woods or on the beach. You were always trying to teach us something. Thank you for teaching us how to garden (which I love to do still today), how to take care of the yard, how to work on cars, and basically how to work hard first and play later. Thank you for providing for us. Your hard work ethic, instilled in me, helped me to work hard enough to work and pay my own way through college, working and saving all the way to graduation. Thank you for bouncing us on your knee and letting us have rides on you on the carpet when we were little. Thank you for the fun times of Saturday morning record playing time, music blaring through the house, encouraging us to act out and run through the house to the sound of Johnny Horton’s song Battle of New Orleans, “In 1814 we took a little trip, along with Colonel Jackson, down the mighty Mississip. We took a little bacon and we took a little beans…” The music of Johnny Cash still reminds me of you, even though you mostly played it when we were young. Later it was the Blue Grass music and concerts we went to that make me think of you whenever I hear Blue Grass. Thank you for the tradition at Thanksgiving you had us all share in saying what we were thankful to the Lord for during the year. Thank you for reading the Christmas story to us every year before we opened all the gifts you and mom gave us. Thank you for encouraging us to sing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve, even though my piano playing wasn’t the greatest, especially at playing Christmas carols. Thank you always kissing Mom good-bye whenever one of you would go anywhere. Thank you for hugs and kisses good-night and good-bye and for your words, “I love you.” I love you too Dad. I’m so glad you’re having fun in heaven with our Father God.
    Love, Lorna

  3. Judy Young Emert (Mrs. James Jr.)

    Will remember his information regarding camping in Yosemite and other places, survival mode. He was someone you would most want in your party if you were ever lost or stranded. He was witty and wise, kind and thoughtful, very caring for everyone and everything. He lived his Christian ethic and is with those like him in heaven.

  4. I knew Arlan only briefly, but in that time I found him to be be intelligent, fun loving, caring of his family and easy to talk to. His accomplishments in his military and personal life were many, and I am sure he will be well and long remembered but all who knew him. Janette, I am truly sorry for your loss.

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