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10 Myths About Funeral Homes You Probably Believe

Have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes of a funeral home? If you’re like most people, you probably believe some common myths about funeral homes. Here are 10 of the most common myths about funeral homes in Rocklin, CA that you probably believe—and why you should stop.


1. Funeral homes are expensive.

While funeral homes can be expensive, they don’t have to be. There are many ways to save money on funeral costs, including choosing a less expensive casket or urn, having the service at a non-traditional venue, or opting for cremation instead of a burial.

Additionally, most funeral homes offer affordable prices based on the services they provide. They also have a range of options including prepaid funerals and burial or cremation services.


2. Funeral homes are only for the rich.

This isn’t always true, either. Many funeral homes offer packages that make it affordable for everyone in the family to participate in the funeral process. Some funeral homes even offer limited-time discounts for members of the military and their families.


3. Funeral homes are run by heartless people.

The truth is, most funeral directors are compassionate people who are dedicated to helping others in their time of need.


4. Funeral homes are cold and unfriendly.

Many funeral homes are staffed by compassionate professionals who want to help you through this difficult time. They understand that death is a difficult event and want to do everything they can to make your experience as stress-free as possible.


5. My loved one will be embalmed and I don’t want that.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to funeral arrangements, and you should feel free to discuss your preferences with the funeral home you choose.


6. Embalming is required by law.

Embalming is not required by law. However, many people choose to embalm their loved ones because it allows them to have more time to say goodbye.


7. Funeral homes are dark and depressing.

The truth is, funeral homes are actually quite peaceful and calming. They’re designed to be a place of refuge for those who are grieving. In fact, many funeral homes have been renovated in recent years and now offer bright, welcoming spaces.


8. You have to have a funeral service if you want to be cremated.

You do not have to have a funeral service if you wish to be cremated. Cremation can take place without a service, but many people choose to have a memorial service before or after the cremation process.


9. You have to have a funeral service if you want to be buried.

funeral homes in Rocklin CA2Like with cremation, you do not have to have a funeral service if you wish to be buried. However, many people choose to have a graveside service at the cemetery before or after the burial.


10. Funeral homes are only for the dead.

This is the final myth on this list, and it’s one that is particularly damaging. Funeral homes are for the living as much as they are for the dead. While it’s true that funeral homes do provide services for those who are dying, they also offer a variety of other services, such as grief counseling and support groups.

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